6 Best Body Building Games to Have on Your Phone

Bodybuilding games can be great if you want something that will help you lift weights consistently as well as track your progress without missing anything. Unlike signing up for a gym, they will give you great workout ideas, and the best part, help you set achievable goals.

Whether you want to learn how to perform your workouts correctly or just get the motivation, downloading these five bodybuilding games apps on your phone will do you some good.

1. Fitness Point

Fitness Point allows you to create a workout plan that suits you using a Fitness Point workout journal. It features hundreds of exercises descriptions as well as videos for every muscle you need to exercise. It also enables you to create an exercise plan depending on how you want to go about it. To find out how far you have gone, just log into every workout you’ve performed before, and you will find a fully detailed calendar. Another great thing about this App is that it will show you how big your muscles are getting. A great alternative is Mi40X program. Read about Mi40X review here.

2. You-are-Your-Own-Gym

It is almost impossible to make time to exercise effectively in a gym if you are always busy. This game is one of the great bodybuilding games that will give you instant access to a fully-equipped digital gym. It offers you a variety of bodybuilding workouts that can be done anywhere, anytime. This app is a perfect choice for those who are fond of traveling as well as those who can’t find time to get into a gym. It comes with more than 200 video descriptions that will show you how every exercise is performed correctly.

3. Strong Lifts 5×5

Strong lifts 5×5 App is intended to help you build big muscles fast. It incorporates a 5×5 principle that means three lifts at five reps for five sets that are displayed in a user-friendly way. With this App, you don’t need to put anything on paper to track each rep. It offers you a proper way to do it, plus it counts down the time you take to rest between the reps. Another great thing about Strong Lifts 5×5 is that it features a progress meter that helps you track the growth of your muscles. Lastly, it offers you a Calendar that allows you to plan for your future 5×5 exercises.


The creators of this game believed that the easiest way to maximize your workouts is by tracking them. JETFIT enables you to plan your workouts, after which, you can keep track of the load and reps you are performing. The point of this is to help you challenge yourself. It also comes with an exercise database feature that offers you new ideas whenever you are in need of one. You can also track how your muscles are growing and the weights you are lifting through great features such as muscle measurements and BMI.

5. Multi-Year Weight Training

If you hate exercising in public but wants something that will keep you motivated indoors, Multi-Year Weight Training is a great choice for you. Unlike many other bodybuilding games, it is designed to help you track your progress quickly and with much ease. When you are done with your exercises, the App will automatically reset itself, adjusting the rep and set increments and decrements as well as the weight making it easy for you to keep track of what you are doing. It helps you set achievable goals and allow you to work towards achieving them without failure.

6. Bodybuilding and fitness game

Bodybuilding and fitness game is one of the most popular fitness apps with many excellent ratings and thousands of downloads. It comes with better graphics as well as additional programs. Another great thing about it is that you can customize it to make your workouts fun. For example, you can select a hair and skin color you like. Also, you can combine a variety of exercises including bodybuilding and more to achieve better results. Whether you want to build your upper body, midsection or your lower body, this bodybuilding game will encourage you to go heavy.

The bottom line

Today, everyone is more interested in fitness. Sadly, with the heavy-traffic roads and busy schedules, only a few find time to exercise. These six body building games are not only intended to give you the motivation but also offers you a chance to track your progress.